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Wil net weer vir julle baie dankie se van ons af hier in Kirkwood vir die ondervinding in Windhoek.
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How To Qualify:

The tournament comprises of a Series of Club Championship qualifying events.
The Club Championship Series is open to all members of affiliated golf clubs with a golf course or who are recognized by their Union and who have an official handicap.
The competition entry fee for all Club Qualifying events is R60 (sixty Rand) per player payable to the club.
Only club members may qualify at a Windhoek Lager International Pairs South Africa
The competition shall be played in accordance with the rules of golf as laid down by the R&A of St Andrews, together with any local rules approved by participating club competition committees – the winning pairs will be the pairs as determined by the club competition committee i.e. club count out procedure.
Any disputes in Club Qualifiers shall be settled by the relevant club competition committee, whose decision shall be final.
The tournament is open to all golfers of eighteen years or older at the time of the Club Qualifying event who are affiliated members of an affiliated Golf Club and have an official handicap.
Only club competitions registered with the Tournament Co-ordinators by the participating clubs will be deemed to be an official club qualifier.
Club winners can only be officially registered for the Regional Finals once the Tournament Co-ordinators have received full payment of all competition entry fees plus the duly completed Players Registration Forms containing the necessary details of each entrant.
In addition, all organizers of qualifier events will be obliged to confirm that all competition rules have been complied with.
Once a club has registered their qualifying pair/s and payment has been remitted to the Tournament Co-ordinators, no monies are refundable under any circumstances.
If one player of a qualifying pair is unable to play in the Regional Finals for reasons of health, bereavement, business or education commitments, the remaining player may nominate a substituted partner who must have played in the original first stage qualifying event. This then become the qualifying pair.
In the event of an original club qualifying pair not being able to play in the Regional Finals, the club may substitute such a pair. The only stipulation is that any substitute pair must have played in the same Club Qualifying event and whose details must be present on the Players Registration Forms. There shall be no further changes to that pair during the competition and any future unavailability of either partner shall result in withdrawal of the pair as a team.
A player may only qualify once for the Regional Finals. If a player has played in two qualifying events with two different partners, and achieved qualification in both events, the first registered qualification by date will be deemed to be the only qualification by that player for the Regional Finals.
Information of importance to The Players:

It is one of the biggest golf tournaments for amateur club golfers in the world.
The final stages are conducted along the lines of a professional event, with no count-outs and any “ties” being settled by way of a play-off if possible (see below).
Hundreds of thousands of golfers have played in qualifying events around the world.
Each qualifying stage is unique and every club golfer should try and experience what it is like.
WLIPSA is a tournament that facilitates “competitive golf played in a fun way”.
The process enables thousands of golfers to represent their golf clubs and to compete for the Club Championship Series as well as the opportunity to qualify for the Windhoek Lager Africa Jacket finals in Namibia.
The qualifying process culminates in two pairs of ordinary amateur club golfers representing South Africa at the World Finals.
It is as simple as that, but as you proceed through the qualifying rounds, the pressure intensifies!
How much does it cost to enter and what does that cover?
The entry fee is R60 (sixty rand) per player and there are no further payments required to represent one’s club, region or country.
No payment is required at the Regional Finals, where all costs, including breakfast, green fees, practice balls, players’ halfway house, snacks and a couple of drinks – and a couple of other surprises – are covered by Windhoek Lager as the Title Rights Holders of the tournament. (Caddies or carts, where applicable are for the players’ own accounts, as well as the player’s transport to this stage.)
No payment is required at the SA Finals in Namibia. All costs including air travel, accommodation, all meals, green fees, pair of drinks and other surprises are covered by Windhoek Lager. (Caddies or carts where applicable are for the players’ own account)
No payment is required at the SA Finals of the Windhoek Lager Africa Jacket Final in SA or the finals in Namibia – all air travel, accommodation, meals, green fees, drinks and other surprises are covered by Windhoek Lager (Caddies or carts, where applicable, are for the player’s account)
Finally, Windhoek Lager also covers the costs of our South African representatives attending the World Finals of theInternational Pairs in Spain.
Where do I enter?
Simply enter at your golf club. If your club has not registered to hold a Club Qualifying event, encourage them to do so in order that you may participate.
There are no “open events”, one can only qualify to represent the golf club at which one is a member.
All players must have a current official handicap.
Players shall use their handicap according to the handicapping system in operation, as implemented by the South African Golf Association.
During the Final Stages of the Tournament (being the Regional, National and World Finals); golfers will receive a ¾ allowance of their handicap, which complies with the international Handicapping Rules of the Tournament.
There is a maximum handicap of 24 for men and 32 for women for the Regional, National and World Finals. (Note: not at the Club Qualifying events) (This means an allowance of a maximum of 18 and 24 shots received respectively.) Anyone can enter on the understanding that there are maximum handicaps off which they can play.
It should be noted that there are no Senior Tees, but the Promoters reserve the right to liaise with the Golf Director of any club to adjust the handicap of any golfer qualifying for the Final Stages who may have qualified off senior tees.
The handicaps off which all players qualified for the Final Stages shall be “frozen upwards” – but not down – as at the day of qualification. In other words, if a player’s handicap has increased between a Club Qualifier and the Final Stages, that player may only compete in the Regional and National Finals off the same handicap used in the respective qualifying event; or a lower one.
If a player’s handicap has decreased at any stage between Club Qualifier and Final Stage events, and then increased again, that player shall play off the lowest handicap achieved. Note: The Promoters will not cut a player’s handicap below that of scratch if they played off scratch at their Club Qualifier event.
Furthermore, a player may only play in the Final Stages off a handicap of no more than 20% greater than their lowest handicap over the last 12 months. This is restricted up to a maximum of one shot for single figure handicaps and two shots for all other handicaps. (E.g. if one’s lowest handicap over the last 12 months is 8 and one’s handicap at the time of the Regional Finals is 10, then that player may only play off a handicap of a maximum of 9.)
A player shall always play off the lower handicap as per the above conditions during the final stages.